in·ter·im | \ ˈin-tə-rəm  \
an intervening time 

“Time waits for no one” – The Rolling Stones

Life is for a time, and that time period is not always known in advance. In the meantime, patients need quality care and care-givers need support - especially during dynamic times marked by significant transition. Highly reliable care requires highly reliable leadership. Because your leadership needs are not constant, decide which of the services below can help you. Now.

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Leadership Transitions

“We are always in transition – manage your transitions well.”

CEO and COO turnover is an inconvenient reality. A vacant CEO/COO position creates a void and a vacuum. Unfortunately, that void gets filled in many ways throughout the organization and most are not good. Momentum is lost and new problems are created that now have to be addressed or ‘undone’ before the ball can be moved forward. In addition, this leadership gap inadvertently “sets up” an eventual successor to face unpleasant cleanup and ‘undoing’ that does not position her/him to get off to a good start. 

To position a successor to truly succeed, consider one of the best investments that you and your organization can make: an experienced CEO/COO who will keep the ball rolling, prepare the organization for change and set the table well for a well-chosen successor. Read more.

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“We are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities.”  - Pogo

If you have ever said, “We will get to it later” or “We are spread too thin,” then you may have also felt “we can do better, sooner.” Opportunities do not wait for us to get around to them; they are captured by timely movers. To take advantage of these opportunities, we need to act before the window closes. No matter how good a leadership team is, a fixed executive capacity is not well-suited to capitalize on highest return opportunities that present in a dynamic environment.  

To move now, while continuing to move on existing fronts, seize the day. When you sense that the time and cost to move an executive from existing to new high potential work is prohibitive, but so is the opportunity cost to pass on it, then act now.

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Strategy Execution Evaluation

“B strategy with A execution beats A strategy with B execution every time.”

You have a strategy but it is not being executed well. Frustration is growing because you can’t seem to get traction: promised progress is always ‘just-around-the-corner’ elusive. This is not uncommon. But the reflex to change strategy or change leaders often is. More often, the delayed breakthrough is related to not getting system alignment with, and broad and deep cultural ownership of, the new strategy. 

To turn strategy into reality, invest in an updated, evidence-based operating model that will serve as the runway to mobilize stakeholders and get your strategy off the ground. How? Click here.